Secret Wars: September 21, 2001 - February 24, 2002
Secret Wars is an exhibition investigating artistic dissent to covert operations and government secrets.  The artists here have retrieved evidences, personal and public, that question classified information and COINTELPRO tactics. These artists are Eric Avery (Houston, TX), Warren Cullar (Austin, TX), Gabriel Delgado (Houston, TX), Sam Durant, Tim Glover (Houston, TX), David Graeve and Tish Stringer (Houston, TX), Leamon Green (Houston, TX), Ann Harithas (Houston, TX), David Krueger (Houston, TX), Forrest Prince (Houston, TX), Lynn Randolph (Houston, TX), Bert Samples (Houston, TX), Jenny Stark (Houston, TX), Stephanie Swartz (Houston, TX), and Ed Wilson (Houston, TX).

We deplore the attack on the United States.  We feel great sympathy for the families of the innocent people who have lost their lives so tragically.  As patriots, we cannot help but ask: Why has the United States of America become the target of hate around the world?

This exhibition was initiated two months ago to investigate the artist’s response to the subject of secret wars.  Wars exist on many levels.  There are wars within ourselves, between individuals, within families, and against communities.  There are economic wars and wars between nations.
--James Harithas