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"Musicians Who Make Art" at ArtCar Museum

By Steve Jansen Tue., May 3 2011 at 10:00 AM

The Flatlanders' Butch Hancock and Joe Ely as well as Sara Hickman can do more than burn down a concert stage. These creative types, as well as more than 35 folks that are more known for their musicianship, can also paint the crap out of a canvas and shoot the mess out of a photograph.

Starting on Saturday, May 7, the ArtCar Museum, 140 Heights Boulevard, is debuting "Musicians Who Make Art." Guest curator Melissa Noble, who used to co-host the Living Arts program on KPFT 90.1 FM, is responsible for programming the exhibit that will showcase contemporary abstract expressionism, fantasy and folk genres.

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Scrap Daddy Gets One-Man Show at Art Car Museum

Updated: Friday, 28 Jan 2011, 10:09 PM CST
Published : Friday, 28 Jan 2011, 10:09 PM CST



HOUSTON - What do you get when you cross a flame-thrower with a chrome-plated T. Rex? Something like what you’ll find at the Art Car Museum, starting Saturday.

The artist known as Scrap Daddy has finally gotten his own one-man show, after building whimsical rolling creations for 22 consecutive Art Car Parades.

Mark Bradford shared his thoughts with FOX 26 News.

Mark “Scrap Daddy” Bradford: Work with what you got, that's what my motto is. You know like when you're a kid and you had Lego’s, the building blocks, the more Lego’s the bigger thing you could make. And that's what's so cool about being in Houston. I use recycled scrap metal to bring it back to life. And a lot of my art represents a living thing. Houston being a big industrial city really helped out.

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By Lisa Gray Thursday, July 6, 2000

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